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2024 Primary Care Conference Presentations

An Overview of New Medicare CHI Codes (Chris Weathington and Suzanne Lineberry)

Behavioral Health, Designing Your Program to Increase Access (Eric Christian)

CHC’s and the Maternal Health Crisis (Lynell Hodges)

CHC’s Engaging in Research, Health Equity at the Center (Perla Nunes)

Considerations for Building a Culture of Respect (Jackie Gaines)

Creating Building Blocks for Value Based Care, A Primer for Leaders Track (Grant Walker)

Creating Competitive Provider Compensation Plans, Experience from Health Centers, Part 2 (Patricia Hall and Tamara Dunn)

Creating Competitive Provider Compensation Plans, Experience from Health Centers, Part 1 (Patricia Hall and Tamara Dunn)

Empowering School-Based Care, Telehealth Training Tips for Presenters and Providers (Tonya Hensley)

Getting Prepared for UDS+ (Jillian Maccini)

Getting Your Whole Team on Board to Working Towards Mission (Michelle Fernandez Gabilondo)

How Evolution of Generative AI is Impacting Healthcare and Clinical Practice (Mike Behr and Josh Marguiles)

Implementing Agency-Wide Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Practices at a Community Health Center (Karoline Oliveira)

Key Financial Considerations for Health Center in Value-Based Care (David Fields)

Leadership and Workforce Practical Strategies for Reducing Turnover (Michelle Fernández Gabilondo)

Let’s Practice Data Storytelling (Alex Velez)

Leveraging Value-Based Contracts to Advance Health Equity (Joe Mando)

Medicaid Expansion- Collaborating to Connect Newly Eligible Individuals to Coverage (April Morgan, Hollis Smith, and Sarah Jolly)

Medicaid Expansion Regional Support Specialists, An Approach to Connecting Patients to Coverage (April Morgan, Robyn Segal, Shavon Flowers, Abby Cope, Jahdea Clare)

Oral Health–Innovating to Expand Capacity and Address Access Disparities (Irene Hilton)

Planning Your Finances and Outlook in Changing Times (Curt Degenfelder)

Possibilities – Achieving Health Equity (Eduardo Sanchez)

Rapid Adolescent Prevention Screening Updates (Chris Jurasek)

Steady Leadership for Unsteady Times: Mastering Succession (Erin Stratford Owens)

Talk to the Llama – AI-Supported Mental Health Support for Students (Natasha Scott)

The New APM is Here (David Fields)

The New Executive Skills Lab (Jackie Gaines)

The Power of Data to Succeed in Value Based Care (Aditya Mahalingam Dhingra)

Using Collaborative Care In Schools (Nathan Copeland and Chris Weathington)

Using Financial KPIs in your CHC (Curt Degenfelder)


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