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Due the global pandemic, the format of East Coast along with other stream forums changed for 2020. The National Center for Farmworker Health and the North West Regional PCA combined efforts with NCCHCA to host a one large virtual stream forum. The collaborative efforts afforded all three forums to reach more participants in a 4.5 day event with 48 educational sessions and 9 HRSA approved tracks. Due to the overwhelming response of proposals submitted and the support from HRSA to host this free virtual event, a supplemental session was provide in May to address some of the outstanding topics that didn’t quite make the March 21-26 larger forum event. Both events reached a total of over 1200 attendees featuring keynote speakers such as journalist Maria Hinojosa and renowned psychologist and Migrant Farmworker activist Roberto Dansie. This event was a historical country-wide event boasting thought leaders from the CDC, HRSA, and our CHCs with expertise and best practices around Covid-19 Emergency Response, Diabetes and Wellness, Mental Wellness, and Community Health Workers all offered in both English and Spanish learning environments.



Opening Plenary: Update from the Bureau of Primary Health Care & the CDC
Crisis & Emergency Risk Communication (CERC)
Digital & Health Access for Agricultural Workers & Their Families
Starting from the Beginning: Ag Worker Health 101
Building the Pillars Critical to Successfully Increasing Access to Care for Ag Workers
COVID-19 Supporting Farmworker Communities Panel
U.S. Immigration Policy – Today & Tomorrow
Morning Plenary Session: Update from the National Association of Community Health Centers & Keynote
Advancing Agricultural Worker Health: Lessons Learned from Diabetes Prevention & ManagementAdd
Implementation of Integrated Care in Primary Care Clinics: What Administrators Need to Know
Structural Competency: A Framework to Analyze & Address Health Inequities
Integrated Care: The Nuts & Bolts of How Primary Care Providers Can Work with Behavioral Health
Social Determinants of Health Panel
Using GIS & CHWs to Address Comorbid Diabetes & Depression
Federal Protections in Healthcare for LEP Individuals & Their Families
Honoring Indigenous Leadership & Farm-Worker Communities
Innovative Strategies for Expanding Health Care Access to Farmworkers
Integrated Health Care: A Holistic Approach to Deliver Health Services
The Village Approach – Patient-Centric Care Amidst a Pandemic
H-2A Agricultural Worker Program: Trends in Health Care Access and Employer Visa Certification
Immigration Policy: How are Health Centers Responding to Patient Needs?Add
Salud Mental: Integrated Healthcare Mental Health Education & Program Development
A.I.M.E.S for Health
Fostering Fortalezas: Resiliency Building Skill Practices During Stressful Times
Hot Topics in ADA’s Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes
Telehealth Outreach During the COVID19 Pandemic: Transforming NC Farmworkers’ Health
CDC COVID Vaccine Updates & Strategies
HIV: Patient Centered Approaches Strategies & Responses
Innovative CHC Responses for COVID-19 Outbreaks
Using Traditional Curanderismo Healing for Stress & Anxiety
Developing Sustaining & Leading Resilient Teams
How Promotorxs & Community Health Workers Can Promote Mental Health in Agricultural Communities
Outreach, Advocacy & Collaboration in Meeting Community Emotional Health Needs
Protecting Agricultural Workers from Pesticide Exposure & Illness
Producing Powerful Partnerships to Optimize Patient Outcomes
Improving Farmworker Health through Handwashing
Promotor-Led Program Insights to Reduce Infection & Transmission of Sars-Cov-2
Promotorxs & Psychologists Address Stigma & Barriers to Mental Health
Empowhered Health – Reforming the Health Care System for Positive Maternal Health Outcomes
Hybridizing Musculoskeletal Health Education for CHW & MSAW
Intimate Partner Violence
Strengthening Health Center’s Collaboration with Migrant & Seasonal Head Start
Effective Health Center Board Orientation & Ongoing Education
Immigrant Dairy Worker Health & Safety Trainings – Wisconsin & Minnesota
Promotorxs & Pesticide Drift Protocols Post Exposure & Future Advocacy
Psychology of Recovery: Serving Latinxs Affected By COVID-19 & Wildfires
Assessing Opioid Misuse in Agricultural Worker Communities
Connecting With Farmworkers: Elevating Their Voices Through Research
Importance of Value-Based Contracts in Community Health Centers (CHCs)
Nutrition, Health & Fitness: Key Cornerstones in Preventing Chronic Conditions
Closing Plenary with Roberto Dansie, PhD

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