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Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Initiative (MAAI)


Overview of the NCCHCA Medical Assistant Apprentice Initiative (MAAI)

To help address workforce shortages and recruit more medical assistants to work in rural and underserved areas, the North Carolina Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) launched the MAAI program. NCCHCA has seen positive results for the medical assistants and the health centers they serve and is expanding the program to more sites.

MAAI is a registered apprenticeship program with Apprenticeship NC. It is operated by NCCHCA, in partnership with community health center (CHC) training sites.

MAAI has three main goals:

What is an MAAI Apprenticeship?


Apprentices must:

Commitment Details:

Medical Assistant Apprentices are expected to:

NCCHCA and the CHC will:

How to apply:

MAAI will be accepting applications for our cohorts starting in early summer 2024.

Placements are currently planned at the following centers. Exact site location will be determined.  Please email for details on how to apply.


Rural Health Group Multiple locations in Halifax, Vance, Granville counties
Lincoln Community Health Center Durham, NC
Compassion Health Care Yanceyville, NC
Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine Greensboro and High Point, NC
United Health Centers Winston-Salem, NC

More sites will be added in May 2024.

For more details, email



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