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Governance Resources

Operational Site Visit (OSV) Resources

“Go To” Questions for Governance Review During OSV
The Operational Site Visit: A Fiscal Perspective (webinar)
Health Center Program Site Visit Protocol

Succession Planning

Succession Planning Workplan
Succession Planning Policy
Succession Planning Manual


Special Populations-Specific

Migrant Health Centers

Becoming a Leader in Migrant Health: Preparing for Health Center Board Membership
Migrant Health Center Board Self-Evaluations
Self-Evaluation Templates: English and Spanish

Health Care for the Homeless

A Quick Guide on Board Composition for Health Care for the Homeless Projects
National Consumer Advisory Board
Consumer Involvement in Governance (webinar)

Cultural Competency

National Standards for Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services in Health & Health Care
Addressing the Needs of LGBT People in Community Health Centers: What Governing Boards Need to Know

Bureau of Primary Health Care Compliance Manual

Health Center Program Compliance Manual
Health Center Program Compliance Manual: Frequently Asked Questions

State & Federal Statutes

North Carolina Nonprofit Corporation Act (NCGS Chapter 55A)
Health Center Program Statute: Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act
Health Center Program Regulations: 42 CFR 51c (all health centers) and 42 CFR 56.201-56.604 (Migrant Health Centers only)
Uniform Administrative Requirements for HHS Awards: 45 CFR 75

Health Center Mergers, Acquisitions & Other Corporate Changes

Prior Considerations and Key Process Steps for Requests to Change Federal Award Recipient

Other Resources

NC Center for Nonprofits
MyNACHC Learning Center
Certificate in Health Center Governance