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Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine


Greensboro, North Carolina • Guilford County

Date Needed:

December 29, 2023

Organization Website:

Type Of Position:

Full Time

Education Required:


Experience Required:

1-2 year(s)

Date Of Job Posting:

November 30, 2023

Job Description:

Position Summary:
Provides direct patient care services by independently and interdependently scheduling and/or conducting complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. This position independently participates in the delivery of direct patient care within the scope of individual authority granted by the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiners.

Job Responsibilities:
• Participates in the development of policies and procedures relating to the provision of clinical and related services. Provides supervision to midlevel practitioner staff.
• Performs complete physical exams, obtains medical history; interprets and records findings.
• Orders/obtains appropriate laboratory and diagnostic studies/tests to assist with patient evaluations, as needed.
• Interprets and integrates data to determine preliminary diagnosis and appropriate therapeutic plan.
• Administers medications, immunizations, and injections in compliance with state law and clinic guidelines.
• Performs direct patient care services, which may include instruction, education, counseling, recommendation of medications and treatments, health and illness prevention, and/or community resources to meet specific needs to patient and family.
• Coordinates and schedules laboratory studies and diagnostic procedures. Explains the necessity, preparation, nature and anticipated effects of scheduled diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to patients.
• Reviews, writes, and renews medication prescriptions, which corresponds to the written standing orders, and/or, to the consultation advice of the supervising physician.
• Documents, updates, and maintains patient records.
• Summarizes records and prepares referral letters.
• Performs administrative duties as may be request by the Medical Director
• Communicates/confers with various outside agencies and resources regarding medical advice/information of clinic patients, such as dentist, social services, speech and hearing, etc., as needed.
• Refers patients to specialist, such as ENT, Pediatric Surgeon, Dermatologist, Neurologist, Asthma, etc., as needed.
• Participates in clinical research projects and prepares analyses/consensus report, when requested.
• Confers with other health professionals regarding patient condition, if necessary.
• Attends monthly staff meetings at the respective Practice designated.
• Attends continuing education meetings, as required.
• Promotes team, system, and organizational goals; maintains patient confidentiality and provides superior customer service.
• Disposes all disposable, contaminated, and used items into designated waste containers.
• Abides by all company policies regarding safety/health rules and regulations.
• Adapts to various situations and adjusts to shifting priorities.
• Must abide by TAPM Mission, Vision, and Core Values
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Preparation and Training:
Doctor of Medicine with completion of residency training in a primary care practice. Must have a working knowledge of office equipment including computers, telephones, and such typical office machines. Must maintain effective written and oral communication and English skills. Must maintain current medical license with the North Carolina Board of Medical Examiner. Must be Board certified, eligible, or straight out of residency program eligible. All eligible candidates must be Board certified within 2 years of their contract date. Current DEA registration and CPR certification. Current ACLS or PALS required (depending on Practice of employment). Valid NC driver’s license for travel.

Experience with provision of medical care to low income and indigent care patients preferred. An equivalent combination of education and experience considered; it would take approximately 3-5 years to become proficient with the policies, procedures, and protocol utilized by Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine.

Analytical Ability:
Works on highly technical or complicated projects or problems presenting a variety of new or constantly changing variables or considerations. Duties require outstanding judgment, creativity, initiative, and the ability to deal with complex factors and abstract concepts not easily evaluated; to apply logical or scientific thought processes to a wide range of issues and problems, and to make decisions based on conclusions for which there is little precedent.

Independent Judgment:
Under general direction, works from company policies and general objectives with little functional guidance. Rarely refers specific cases to supervisor unless clarification or interpretation of company policies is involved.

Consequences of Error:
Errors: Incorrect assessments or treatments (including incorrect prescribing/administering prescriptions) during patient care could present possible long-term consequences, permanent disabilities, or even death for the patient. Errors resulting in potential lawsuits/OSHA fines would present excessive costs or losses to TAPM. Duties may involve the effective recommendation of company policies and protocols or the preparation and presentation of data on which top management bases major decisions.

Materials or Products: Errors with the incorrect storage of certain medications could go undetected and could result in some or total loss of medication, which would be costly to TAPM, as well as affect patient goodwill/care (if error is not caught). Misuse of biohazard materials could mean OSHA fines and/or penalties.

Equipment: Limited – makes minor adjustments to equipment, testing, and measuring devices; however, equipment is not “sensitive” and damages are unlikely under normal use and care. Testing/measuring equipment includes: crash cart, oxygen tanks, stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, reflex hammer, tympanogram, stadiometer, glucometer, strept test kit, scales, thermometer, pulse oximeter, nebulizer, hemoglobin machine, dinamapp, nebulizer, tape measure, accuchecks, hemmocues, snelling charts, bulb suctions, IV starts, etc.

Interpersonal Contacts:
Outside and/or inside contacts with supervising and other clinic/hospital physicians, employees of TAPM, patients, families of patients, outside community agencies, community nurses, schools, etc. These contacts involve an exercise of influence, tactful judgment, and proper conduct in order to negotiate matters, and carry out policies and programs for the best interests of the company/patient. This position also deals with persons of substantially higher rank on matters requiring explanation, discussion, persuasion, and obtaining approvals, whereby improper handling could have a marked effect on operating results. Considerable tact is required.

Confidential Information:
Works with some confidential data of major importance, such as patient records, and patient/family salary/personal information, which, if disclosed, may be detrimental to the company’s interests.

Working Conditions:
Patient care setting where working conditions can be stressful and fast-paced. Must be able to work and deal effectively with changing situations, varying workloads, interruptions, etc. Frequently exposed to communicable diseases, biohazard substances, medicinal preparations, and other conditions conducive to a clinical environment.

Mental Attention or Visual Demand:
Continuous mental and visual attention and manual dexterity when attending to patient care and medical record keeping; usually repetitive work or diversified operations requiring close application of thought processes for sustained periods of time and constant alertness. May involve problems of correlation or application of reports, statistics, or other data. Must have acute visual perception for patient care and record keeping requirements and be able to distinguish colors. Must be able to communicate via telephone and other automation vehicles. Normal or corrected vision is needed in order to visualize computer screens, medical record forms, and equipment screens. Normal or corrected hearing is required for hearing blood pressures and other diagnostic equipment, monitor alarms, and building alarms, etc.

Physical Demand:
Position requires frequent standing/walking for extended periods of time. Must able to touch/ feel, and grip/grasp equipment/tools, and testing devices. Position also requires stooping, bending, stretching, reaching, and twisting. Must lift/carry young children weighing approximately 25-40 pounds, four or more times per hour, and occasionally push/pull occupied wheelchairs weighing approximately 15-60 pounds.

If precautionary measures are not adhered to, this position could be susceptible to contact with infectious/communicable diseases, biohazard waste materials, needle pricks, etc.

Triad Adult & Pediatric require that all employee work in a safe manner with regards to themselves and their co-workers. Any unsafe acts or condition are to be reported immediately.

Quality Improvement
Must understand and help enforce the meaning of quality improvement:” The combined and unceasing efforts of everyone-healthcare professionals, patients, and their families, researchers, payers, planners and educators-to make the change that will lead to better patient outcomes, better system performance and better professional development.”(Batalden, 2007). Committed to promoting TAPM as a medical home and incorporating the core components of a Patient Centered Medical Home into your position on a daily basis.
1. Patient Centered
2. Comprehensive care
3. Team-based
4. Coordinated
5. Accessible
6. Focusing on Quality and Safety

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