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Day One: Tuesday, September 9th

Opening Plenary: Focused Key Performance Indicators for CHC Leaders (Ray Jorgensen)

Understanding the Ins & Outs of Insurance/Managed Care Contracting (Curt Degenfelder)

Coding for Excellence & Clinical Complexity–Essential Coding Practices for FQHCs Part I (E/M coding) (Meri Harrington-Brown Consulting)

Beyond Billing – Exploring the Nuances of True FQHC Revenue Cycle Management (Ray Jorgensen)

Understanding FQHC Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement (Curt Degenfelder)

Coding for Excellence– Part II (Diagnosis Coding) (Meri Harrington – Brown Consulting)

Fee schedule, Charge Structure and Medicare G-code rates (Ray Jorgensen)

CHC Provider Enrollment & Credentialing (Ray Jorgensen)

Coding for Excellence Part III [Behavioral Health Coding for Integrated Care] (Meri Harrington – Brown Consulting)

Recent Developments in Health Center Finance & Future Trends (Curt Degenfelder)


Day Two: Wednesday, September 10th

CHC 2025: Success in a Changing Environment (Jeff Allen, BKD)

340B Financial Compliance (David Fields, BKD)

Connecting Executive Management with the Billing Operation (Mike Holton)

Right Sizing Your Health Center (Mike Holton)

Medicare Chronic Care Management & Transitional Care Management  (Jeff Allen, BKD)

Total Cost of Care (David Fields, BKD)

Finance Communication: Bringing the Numbers to Life (Jeff Allen, BKD)

Medicare Cost Reporting (David Fields, BKD)

Monitoring Red Flags to Avoid Raising the White Flag: Using Financial Analyses  (Mike Holton)

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