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Overview of UDS Annual Training Supplemental Materials

1_UDS Acronyms Used

2_2021 UDS Training Agenda-draft

3_2021 UDS Training Evaluation Instructions – Attendees

4_2021UDSAnnualTrainingPresentation Slide Deck

4a_2021UDSAnnualTrainingPresentationSlides_Notes Template

5_2021 UDS Manual

6_2021 UDS Tables

7_User Guide for Accessing the UDS in EHBs

8_Checklist for UDS Submission

9_2020 UDS State Performance Indicator Statistics

10_330 UDS 2020 Rollup National Universal

11_LAL 2020 UDS Rollups National Universal

12_BHW 2020UDS Rollups National Universal


Health Insurance for Children

Speak with someone about health insurance for you and your child.  Hablar con alguien sobre las opciones de seguro médico para usted o su hijo,



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