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Download link (see instructions below): Fillable_CHC_FactSheet_MedicaidExpansionAdvocacy_June2022


In order to prepare for your meetings with NC House Representatives, we are sending a reminder to: 

  1.  Complete the NCCHCA Medicaid Expansion FQHC Impact Calculator to estimate the annual net impact on your FQHC’s budget and how your FQHC could further serve the community.
  2. Email your completed Impact Calculator to rileyb AT
  3. Using the calculator information, complete the FQHC Medicaid Expansion Fillable Fact Sheet to share these Revenue estimates along with some brief information about the impacts of Medicaid expansion on FQHCs with your NC House Representatives.

Instructions to complete the Fillable Fact Sheet:  

  1. Download the PDF to your computer via the link at the top of the page [do not open in your Internet browser].
  2. Right click on the PDF file and select Open with – Adobe Acrobat DC.
  3. Fillable fields will be highlighted in blue boxes. Hover over the box with your cursor to see the instructions for each field.
  4. Be sure to complete all fields, including:
    1. Your organization’s logo at the top
    2. Name of CHC
    3. Counties served
    4. Number of clinical sites
    5. Total number of patients served
    6. Percentage of patients without health insurance
    7. Estimated number of uninsured patients expected to be covered by Medicaid after expansion (Cell C5 from the Impact Calculator spreadsheet)
    8. Estimated percent increase in reimbursements for Patient Services (Cell E14 from the Impact Calculator spreadsheet), and
    9. Your organization’s name and contact information at the very bottom of the page.
  5. For technical assistance completing the Fillable Fact Sheet, please contact Lacie Emmerich, Policy Intern, at emmerichl AT  

These materials are meant to be a guide for your discussions with Representatives. Please also feel free to prepare and bring any original content and materials on the topic of Medicaid Expansion. 

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