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Recent Updates 

  1. Based on the announcement from the CDC, effective 1/15/21, health departments with available vaccine will be opening up to vaccinating those 65 and older. Please click NCDHHS-Vaccine-Infographic for the revised prioritization plan. More information to come.  (1/14/21)
  2. Have CVMS questions? Use this link to speak directly to a CVMS support person between 8am-5pm (1/14/21)
  3. Optional form to facilitate registration:  CVMS Recipient Registration Form_01_12_2021
  4. Please make note of the new process for uploading the onboarding form HCP User Onboarding Template

After Provider Enrollment, Next Steps (1/14/21)

Onboarding spreadsheet: Use this template to identify staff who will be administering the vaccine, this spreadsheet will need to be sent to CVMS to have employees loaded in the system. This is a critical step to obtain full access to the provider portal HCP User Onboarding Template

CVMS Training beyond provider enrollment: This training will walk you through how to access the system after your staff have been enrolled, how to manage your inventory, requesting vaccine transfers, etc.  12.10.20 CVMS Orientation Training

Organization Readiness Checklist: Useful tool to ensure necessary steps have been completed Organization Readiness Checklist_vFinal

Preparing to Vaccinate, Helpful Tools (1/14/21)

Prioritization Info: NCDHHS-Vaccine-Infographic

Vaccine Q/A: Use this to prepare staff for how to respond to patient questions healthcare-professionals-vaccine-quick-answers

Interest Form: This form was created by AppHealth for patients indicate their desire for the vaccine. Those appropriate based on the phase of vaccination would be scheduled, others would be placed in a queue Interest Form

Pre-vaccine screening form: Used to screen for appropriateness to receive the vaccine based on phase of vaccination pre-vaccination-screening-form

V-Safe Sheet: This form must be given to patients after administration of each dose of vaccine V-Safe Information Sheet

Moderna specific information

Pfizer specific information

FAQ and Other Resources

FAQ around safety, development and authorization, shipping and storage, getting vaccinated, vaccine data, etc. A printable Spanish version is also available here (12.31.20)

FTCA- Check with your project officer to see if this language will suffice for a broad scope change during a pandemic Proposed form 5C language

COVID Vaccine dashboard- Number of vaccines administered and breakdown of demographics (12.31.20)


NCDHHS-Vaccine-Infographic (1/14/21)

Clinical (Safety, Clinical Trials Data, Side Effects, Fact Sheets)

Pfizer Vaccine Information (12.31.20)

Pfizer Vaccine Fact Sheet (12.31.20)

Moderna Vaccine Information (12.31.20)

Moderna Vaccine Fact Sheet (12.31.20)


CVMS training and help desk information (12.31.20)

  • Slides 33-35 provide an overview of CVMS


  • See slide 20 for an overview of billing information

Archived updates

Recording from Jan 8 Task Force Call (1/12/21)

The following toolkit is intended to help educate CHC staff as they prepare to administer the COVID19 Vaccine. Individual pages from this toolkit may be printed and displayed in staff common areas or document can be shared in full electronically.

NCCHCA Vaccine Toolkit 12_10_2020 (Word Doc)

NCCHCA-Vaccine-Toolkit-12_10_2020 (PDF)

See our COVID-19 / Coronavirus Resources

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