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Recommendations from CDC: Who is eligible?

Who is eligible for vaccines by product (1/7/22)

What is the current booster status for each vaccine (1/7/22)

Pediatric Vaccine Resources

Updated State Standing Orders (Peds and Adults) 19Nov2021

Pfizer Peds  One Pager Quick Facts 4Nov2021

CVMS and NCIR Training

UPDATED Adding and Editing Historical Immunizations

Click here for link to CVMS training repository

Click here for link to NCIR training materials page

Staff Vaccination Mandate Toolkit

Considering requiring the COVID vaccine as a condition of employment? You can use this link for resources to facilitate this move. Formatting may make this version easier to use Toolkit for staff vaccination mandate

NACHC is very much encouraging health centers who do not already have an employee vaccine mandate to “get operationally prepared and ready”. To support that, they have:

  1. Online platform for “live” peer to peer chat and sharing resources amongst peers via the Noddlepod platform and specific online community “Coronavirus and Health Centers”. For access, email Susan Hansen at NACHC at Access is limited to only CHCs.
  2. FAQ document – developed with FTLF in August as preliminary issues to consider as a health center when considering the employee vaccine mandate. The specific document is here but within the NACHC COVID19 page It will be updated once the CMS Final Rule is posted.


NC DHHS has set-up a program for providers to register as at-home providers. By registering in CVMS with this status, you will join a list of eligible providers willing to go to patient’s homes to administer the COVID-19 vaccine. More information can be located in this document Vaccine at Home

Proof of Vaccination

With the recent trend of fraudulent vaccination cards, it is becoming more common for employers, airlines, and other agencies to require printed proof of vaccination records. This can be done two (2) ways:

  1. Direct the patient to the vaccine portal. They will have the ability to log in and print a copy for themselves.
  2. Anyone with access to CVMS can go into the system and print a record for a patient by doing the following:
    1. Log in and select “Recipient” in top banner
    2. Search for and then select patient
    3. From the “Person Account” screen, select the down arrow to the right of “Schedule Second Dose”
    4. Click on “Generate Vaccine Information PDF”

Event Support

Click the following to access a document sortable by county to learn of community resources willing to help with vaccine administration including providing volunteers and even event space. Database of Organizations Interested in Hosting or Support Vaccine Events

Need help with data entry? Use the below only as a back-up plan to meet data entry deadlines in CVMS (2/3/21)

Check with your project officer to see if this language will suffice for a broad scope change during a pandemic Proposed form 5C language

HRSA has also added a FAQ about Change in Scope. The question is copied below, click here to go to the HRSA FAQ page.

NEW If a health center will be administering COVID-19 vaccinations at locations within its community but outside of a health center site documented on Form 5B: Service Sites, must the health center submit a change in scope request to add “Immunizations” to its Form 5C: Other Activities/Locations?

VHP Applications

Deemed health centers must submit a VHP deeming sponsorship application for the FTCA Volunteer Health Professionals (VHP) Program. Health Center Volunteers are not eligible for Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) coverage automatically. For each individual volunteer to be eligible for coverage, the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) must approve an application that demonstrates that the individual meets all of the FTCA VHP Program requirements. If approved, VHPs would be eligible for liability protections for the performance of medical, surgical, dental, and related functions that are within the health centers scope of project. Furthermore, the volunteer must be a health care professional who is licensed, registered or certified to provide clinical services. Unlicensed, uncertified, and unregistered volunteer health professionals are not eligible for the FTCA VHP Program.

For information regarding the FTCA VHP Program please see Program Assistance Letter (PAL) 2020-03: Calendar Year 2021 Volunteer Health Professional Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) Deeming Sponsorship Application Instructions. Applicable conditions and requirements for deeming are described with PAL 2020-03. Additional information regarding volunteer health professionals including the FTCA VHP brochure and VHP Video can also be found on the Volunteer Health Professionals Page. Health centers can complete a VHP deeming sponsorship application by accessing the Electronic Handbooks (EHBs) by going to the FTCA application section. Once a complete and accurate VHP application is submitted to HRSA, our goal is to process and issue a Notice of Deeming Action (NDA) within 10 business days or less. The FTCA Program have dedicated extra resources to ensure that we exceed this goal as we anticipate an increase in VHP applications in the upcoming months.

Questions should be directed to Health Center Program Support team:

By phone: 877-464-4772, option 1; or Online:


As of January 2021, FQHCs are reimbursed based on the Medicaid fee schedule for COVID-19 vaccine administration, whereas Medicare will pay FQHCs at 100% of reasonable cost through the annual cost report (the same way FQHCs are paid for influenza and pneumococcal vaccines).

  • Medicaid: See NC Medicaid Special Bulletin Covid-19 #152 for guidance on billing, coding, and reimbursement rates for both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Medicare and Medicare Advantage: See the CMS FQHC Center, including section “COVID-19 Vaccines in RHCs and FQHCs,” for more information.
    • UPDATE (March 2021): The CMS FQHC Center notes that “RHCs and FQHCs should include COVID-19 vaccines and their administration costs for patients enrolled in Medicare Advantage on the cost report as well.”
  • Uninsured: FQHCs may be reimbursed at fee schedule rates for vaccine administration to uninsured patients by billing the federal HRSA COVID-19 Claims Reimbursement to Health Care Providers and Facilities for Testing, Treatment, and Vaccine Administration for the Uninsured. See this portion of the portal website for eligible Billing Codes.

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