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The board of the North Carolina Community Health Center Association is made up of FQHC/CHC CEOs and at-large members representing areas like medical, human resources, and financial officers. The board meets four times per year at least and guides the organization.

Name Title Health Center Email
Carolyn Allison (See Bio) Board member Charlotte Community Health Center
Lee Ann Amann (See Bio) Board Member Black River Health Services
Reuben Blackwell (See Bio) CEO OIC Family Medical Center
Greg Bounds, PhD (See Bio) Board Member Goshen Medical Center, Inc.
Margaret Covington (See Bio) Board member Stedman-Wade Health Services Inc
William Crumpton (See Bio) Board Member Compassion Health Care, Inc.
Claretta Foye (See Bio) Claretta Foye Lincoln Health Center
Daniel Lipparelli (See Bio) Board Member NeighborHealth Center Inc.
Elizabeth L Freeman (See Bio) Affiliate Member NC Department of Rural Health
Jennifer Greene (See Bio) Board Member Appalachian District Health Department/ App Health Care
Tim Hall (See Bio) Board Member Robeson Health Care Corp
Scott Harrelson (See Bio) Board Member Craven County Health Department
Don Holloman (See Bio) Board Member Cabarrus Rowan Community Health Center Inc
Richard Hudspeth, MD (See Bio) Board Member Blue Ridge Community Health Services
LaShun Huntley (See Bio) Past Chair United Health Centers
Althea Johnson (See Bio)
Michelle Lewis (See Bio) CEO Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine, Inc.
Yvonne Long-Gee (See Bio) Board Member Rural Health Group
Scot McCray (See Bio) Board Member Advance Community Health Center
Thomas McRary (See Bio) Board Member West Caldwell Health Council
Glenn Martin (See Bio) Board Member Person Family Medical Center
Michael McDuffie, DHSc (See Bio) Board Member Metropolitan Community Health Services
Heather Miranda (See Bio) Associate Member Wake County Human Services
Shirley Ocloo (See Bio) CEO Kintegra Health
Laura Owens (See Bio) Board Member Carolina Family Health Centers
Shavonda Pugh (See Bio) Board Member Bertie County Rural Health Association
Joe Rockenstein (See Bio) Board Member Ocracoke Health Center
Scott Rogers (See Bio) Associate Member ABCCM  Doctor's Medical Clinic
Betty Shubert (See Bio) Associate Member Cleco Primary Care Network
Kim Schwartz (See Bio) Board Member Roanoke Chowan Community Health Center
Alice Salthouse (See Bio) Board Member High Country Community Health Center
Sheila Simmons (See Bio) Board Member First Choice Community Health Centers
Gwendolyn Reed (See Bio) Board Member Anson Regional Medical Services
Teresa Shackleford (See Bio) Board Member MERCE Family Healthcare
William Seagroves (See Bio) CFO Lincoln Community Health Center
Chuck Shelton (See Bio) Treasurer Bakersville Community Health Center
Shantelle Simpson (See Bio) Board Member Appalachian Mountain Community Health Center
Robert Spencer (See Bio) CEO Kintegra Health
Teresa Strom (See Bio) Secretary Hot Springs Health Program
Pamela Tripp (See Bio) Board Member CommWell Health
Brian Toomey (See Bio) Board Member Piedmont Health
Rose Turner (See Bio) Board Member Gateway Community Health Centers Inc.
Lisa Wallace (See Bio) Board Member Kinston Community Health Center
Kim Wagenaar (See Bio) Board Member Western NC Community Health Services
Debra Weeks (See Bio) Board Member C. W. Williams Community Health Center Inc.
Rachel Willard (See Bio) Board Member Wilkes County Health Department

Chris Shank

CEO & President




  • 123.456.7890
  • 123.456.7890

Chris Shank is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Association.

She is focused on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of support services through improvements to each function (HR, Finance, Technical Training, Clinical Programs, and Services and Support) as well as coordination and communication between functions. Chris drives initiatives in the management team and organizationally that contribute to long-term operational excellence, including pursuing business opportunities to develop and enhance revenue streams. She will assist the GPO committee in leveraging the Association’s Group Purchasing Organization to build affinity partnerships and sponsorship opportunities to benefit health center members.

Chris comes to NCCHCA with over 20 years of primary care management experience. She joins us after being a Regional Administrator in the Duke Primary Care system where she led clinical operations, practice transformation, and quality improvement initiatives. Chris started her career in community health in Wilmington, NC working with underserved populations. Chris lives in Cary with her husband, Michael. In her free time, they run a nonprofit offering ex-offenders an opportunity to get a firm foundation established so that they can become independent functioning members of society.

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