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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle

The annual North Carolina Primary Care Conference highlights information on innovative programs and promising practices at NC health centers, rural health clinics, and free and charitable clinics. In 2016, the Primary Care Conference featured Centers of Excellence, a poster session on innovative programs, exciting projects, and best practices throughout North Carolina Health Centers. You can learn more about promising practices during the 2017 Primary Care Conference.

Congratulations to our 2016 Best in Show Winner!

Patient Centered Health Care and Quality Outcomes:
Strategies for Interdisciplinary Team Engagement

Quality and Clinical

This poster will highlight performance results from CommWell Health’s Patient Centered “Health” Home (PCHH) initiative that has evolved from the patient centered medical home model. The quality team of CommWell Health has designed and implemented an enhanced patient centered health home model that integrates medical, dental, behavioral health, and clinical support services within one Health Center system. The presentation specifically addresses the “How” by detailing PCHH development, interdisciplinary training, and implementation across 14 practice locations.


Implementation of a Standardized Substance Abuse Screening in a Community Health Center Setting: Implications for Practice

  • Quality and Clinical
  • CommWell Health

Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC), a major provider of medical services in Durham, identified a need for a formal protocol for substance abuse screening. A LCHC team enrolled in a quality improvement education program with the North Carolina Medical Society to identify a standardized substance abuse screening tool to be used in the primary care setting and develop a protocol that informs when and by whom patients are screened for substance misuse/abuse and how to address positive screenings.

Integrated Care in the Health Care for Homeless Setting

  • Quality and Clinical
  • Lincoln Community Health Center

This poster will highlight the integrated care model used by the Lincoln Community Health Center Health Care for the Homeless Clinic (HCH) and its patients. The poster will identify procedures used to help patients access needed services and community-based resources. It will also highlight how HCH staff encourage connections within the community and promote health and wellness.

Rx for Safety in the Pharmacy Workplace

  • Clinical
  • Lincoln Community Health Center

From 2012 to 2013, the Lincoln Community Health Center (LCHC) Pharmacy team participated in several renovation projects to improve the physical pharmacy environment. A key component of the renovation process was the incorporation of evidence-based environment standards to promote accurate, safe, and efficient medication use in the pharmacy workplace.

North Carolina Medicaid Coverage Gap Story Collection Campaign

  • Outreach/Special Populations
  • North Carolina Community Health Care Association

Hundreds of thousands of low-income adults fall into the Medicaid Coverage Gap in North Carolina. The North Carolina Community Health Center Association has been leading the North Carolina Medicaid Coverage Gap Story Collection Campaign for the last year. Working with member health centers throughout the state, in addition to other advocacy partners, NCCHCA has collected dozens of stories from impacted individuals in the Medicaid Coverage Gap.

Path Towards Improvement of HPV Vaccine Completion Rates

  • Quality and Clinical
  • Piedmont Health Services

In 2015, Piedmont Health Services’ Charles Drew Community Health Center provided care to 743 adolescents in the Burlington community. In February of 2016, 79% of 13 year-olds initiated the fir st dose of the HPV vaccine, but only 33% completed the 3-dose series. This poster describes a pilot HPV vaccine quality improvement (QI) initiative and numerous health system improvements designed to increase HPV vaccination rates.

SHAC Psychology Clinic

  • Clinical
  • UNC Chapel Hill Student Health Action Coalition

Student Health Action Coalition (SHAC), an interdisciplinary student-run, free clinic at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, provides no-cost healthcare to underserved patients in the local area. In the past, patients with mental health conditions were seen for acute visit appointments as needed with no formal follow-up and no continuity of care. In response to this unmet need, SHACE fostered collaboration with the UNC Psychology Department to create an interdisciplinary team of psychology doctoral students and medical students to help provide mental health services to the Carrboro/Chapel Hill community.

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