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Lead Registered Nurse




Triad Adult and Pediatric Medicine


High Point, North Carolina • Guilford County

Date Needed:

September 12, 2023

Organization Website:

Type Of Position:

Full Time

Education Required:


Experience Required:

3-5 year(s)

Date Of Job Posting:

September 12, 2023

Job Description:

Front Line Supervisory Responsibilities:
 Provides leadership for office/site nursing staff. Evaluates/provides utilization of personnel, supplies equipment, and physical facilities.
 Manages the Team Directed Care and Chronic Clinic, as required.
 Participates in multi-disciplinary teams with member hospitals and county agencies for continuity of care.
 Develops and modifies the nursing schedule, coordinating with provider schedule and clinic needs.
 Assigns daily duties to site specific nursing staff.
 Serves as a member of the clinic management team (CMT).
 Works in direct clinic care the majority of the time. Will have assigned administrative time.
 Ensures the orientation and training of new staff.
 Supervises site nursing staff
 Conducts competency and performance evaluations
 Monitors on a regular basis the competency of new nursing staff.
 Ensures nursing protocols are fully implemented in daily practice. Works with the Nursing Director and clinical management team to ensure protocols are updated based on standard of care and best practices.
 Ensures nursing duties in preventative and disease management protocols are fully implemented.
 Float to other clinic sites upon request to meet staffing and coverage needs.
 Triage Role – Performs all Triage Nurse Functions

Administrative/Financial/Budgetary Responsibilities:
 Assists in management of salaried expendables at or below budgeted expenses.
 Assesses/requisitions needed supplies and equipment.
 Participates in formulating/implementing variance analysis and corporate action plans.
 Manages inventory of clinical supplies and monitors daily par levels.
 Oversees ordering of supplies for clinic, including immunizations and medications.
 Ensures OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen and other regulations are adhered to and that accidents are reported to Human Resources for follow-up.
 Responsible jointly with members of the clinical management team to ensure annual trainings are conducted to maintain staff awareness of safety issues in conjunction with Human Resources.

Human Resources Responsibilities:
 Participates in the interview, selection, and orientation process for new personnel.
 Identifies and refers all employee counseling issues to appropriate resources.
 Monitors/reports absenteeism, tardiness, etc.; refers to Practice Administrator.
 Identifies, assists, and participates with on-going employee training needs.
Participates/promotes in weekly ongoing Quality Improvement monitoring, educational updates, in-services, staff, and other meetings pertaining to position.
 Assists with the formulation, evaluation, and revision of nursing policies, procedures, and routines.
 Participates in Quality Assurance development/maintenance for related clinics.

Clinical Responsibilities:
 Performs nursing intervention skills according to nursing policies and procedures including but not limited to: venipuncture, wound care, debridement, sterile and non-sterile dressings, ear irrigations, administration of medications and immunizations, catherizations, specimen collections, etc.: completes all necessary documentation, as required.
 Administers medications and injections in compliance with state law and clinic guidelines.
 Triages patient calls and patient “walk-ins” to office: assesses priority of low-to-high risk patients on a “must see” basis of whether to be seen immediately, make a future appointment, or send home with care management advice to patient/parent.
 Assists medical staff during examinations, treatments, and minor surgery.
 Participates in the case management and multidisciplinary plan of care of Team Directed Clinic patients.
 Reviews records; documents no shows or cancelled appointments: performs follow-ups per protocol, and determines appropriate follow-up care.
 Instructs/informs patient/parent for preparation of ordered tests/treatments; makes certain all consent forms for procedures/tests are signed
 Obtains, reviews, records, and maintains patient laboratory and x-ray data.
 Retrieves patient charts for lab and diagnostic tests, and obtains required patient signature on appropriate consent forms, as requested by medical staff.
 Ensures patient chart completion prior to their assigned visits: charts major complaints, vital signs, measurements, and reasons for visit: prepares patient for examination per TAPM protocol.
 Ensures referral requests and other paperwork initiated by medical staff is complete and accurate.
 Oversees the requisition, organization, and maintenance of inventory for examination rooms and nurse’s station, as needed.
 Disposes of all disposable, contaminated, and used items into designated waste containers.
 Oversees the cleaning and stocking of examination rooms, labs, and stations, as needed.
 Completes patient charge form and ensures charges are recorded and returned to front office, and ensures patient follow-up appointments.
 Ensures referral requests and other paperwork initiated by medical staff is complete and accurate.
 Disposes of all disposable, contaminated, and used items into designated waste containers.
 Promotes team, system, and organizational goals; maintains patient confidentiality.
 Abides by all company policies, procedures, and protocols regarding safety/health rules and regulations.
 Adapts to various situations and adjusts to shifting priorities.
 Performs other duties as assigned.
 Floats to other clinic sites upon request to meet staffing and coverage needs.

Behavioral Competencies:
 Direct supervision of a site specific department staff involving responsibility for results in terms of costs, methods, and personnel, but supervision of others is limited to less than ten persons.
 Possess self-confidence, self-control and character to deal with situations well and positively.
 Desires to help others and focuses on meeting the needs of the patient and family. Ensures quality is delivered always.
 Has a personal pledge to high standards of efficiency, correctness, dependability, and to delivering outstanding customer service. Committed to advancing to higher levels of skill by continuing education, applied standards, and performance benchmarks.
 Connects well with others. Actively listens to the questions and concerns of others, understands others on an interpersonal level; responds to others in a timely and appropriate manner.
 Embraces the need for change; adapts to changing circumstances, sets change in motion when necessary.
 Shows respect to others and works well with a wide range of people. Sincerely intends to work cooperatively with others; wants to be part of a team. Strives to work together, as opposed to working separately or competitively. Strives to work well with others and deals with differences positively, even when personalities may clash or when team members are different from one another.
 Sees beyond the immediate situation and thinks critically about the larger scope. Identifies patterns or connections between situations for systems solutions.

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